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About Ajitabh
Ajitabh - Singer/Composer/Lyricist

Ajitabh is an IITian turned Singer/Composer/Lyricist. He is an NRI settled in Boston/USA. “My Name is Ajitabh” is his much awaited debut album. He has not only sung all the songs but has also directed the music and written all of the songs himself. This album has a wide variety and it encompasses modern as well as the old trends of the indi-pop genre. And yet this album can truly be said to be a trend in itself. Some of the songs (e.g. “Manchahe raste per”) can indeed be said to be path breaking.  For this album, Ajitabh has composed the tunes from both inside and outside of Hinduatani classical ragas.  For example, the song “Manchahe raste per” is based on the raga “Nayaki Kanada”.

Ajitabh is very well known for his sweet & melodious voice/tonal quality, and passion for art & creativity in the Indian circles in Boston/USA area. To his credit he has given over 50 performances in the last 10 years on stage and a few of them are to the audiences as large as 5000 to 10000. Ajitabh possesses a unique ability to take any song and sing it in the styles of legendry singers Mohd Rafi and Kishore Kumar. This is truly unprecedented – as most singers follow either one of them but never both. And yet he sings his songs in his own style and he is original in his presentation. He is expected to do very well in professional pursuit of his passion for singing and music.

While he is actively pursuing a career in music, he also has a career as an engineering architect in Motorola USA.
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